My Sessions For DrupalCamp Stanford 2016

In Drupal Camp Stanford 2016, I will be talking about Drupal 8 theming and debugging Drupal with Drupal Console. 

Drupalnator Themestation - This talk is mainly for those users that want to understand how the theming system in Drupal 8 works. Most of my knowledge of Drupal 8 theming is based experience porting Casper and Light Skeleton to Drupal 8. In this talk, we are going to be discussing the major differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 theming layers. In addition, participants are going to learn file organization of a theme in Drupal 8. Basics twig syntax, which will include output variables in twig and how to use filters, will also be discussed.

Debugging Drupal with Drupal Console - This talk is for those users that want to have an understanding of how to use Drupal Console for debugging your Drupal website. Drupal Console is not longer a boilerplate code generator. Drupal Console is now a full CLI, which allows you to debug your system using a terminal. We will be talking about some of the newest Drupal Console features to debug a Drupal site. You will learn how to debug:

  • System errors
  • Twig templates
  • Services registered on the service container
  • Routes registered on the route system
  • Configuration objects
  • State values
  • Database connection
  • Site settings
  • Available node types
  • Available users
  • Available taxonomies

From your terminal without a need of a GUI.

Feel free to ping me before or after this talk if you have any question about Drupal 8 theming or Drupal Console let me know.

Darryl Norris (darol100 )

During the day I work as Drupal Engineer at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. During the night, I contribute back to the Drupal community.